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DialoQ Talk

“Communication made easy”

DialoQ Talk is a symbol-based communication software for Android and Windows devices. It’s developed to help people with language disabilities like aphasia or stroke to communicate.

“Unique user-friendly features”

DialoQ Talk offers a user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use, for example editing can be done in-app without the need of a keyboard and mouse. For the end-user it offers unique camera, microphone, drawing and messaging features that can be used without leaving the user-mode or need of external help. Creating personalized user specific content is easier than ever.

DialoQ Talk Android version can be installed in Kiosk mode, this locks the device to communication use only.






Key features

  • Easy to use and edit
  • Free form and grid based communication boards supported
  • Unique camera, microphone, drawing and messaging features
  • AutoInflector – conjugation engine that selects right word forms automatically
  • Remote editing and backup
  • Environmental control support
  • Downloadable content from AAC professionals
  • Kiosk mode (Android) that locks the usage for communication use only
  • For Android and Windows devices

“Create perfect sentences with DialoQ conjugation engine”

DialoQ AutoInflector – DialoQ Talk has build-in conjugation engine that automatically finds the right forms of words like verbs or pronouns, reducing the need of multiple buttons with the same symbol on one communication page.

As an example, if user wants to write ‘I was eating a hamburger’, instead of having all different forms of verbs – AutoInflector selects right forms, so to create sentence user selects following:

I was eating a hamburger

“Readymade communication boards”

The downloadable content introduces the professionally made communication boardsets. These boardsets are made by our partners and are available for licensing or for free to download directly from the application. Below you’ll find some example pictures about currently available boardsets:

Reilu-AACi by Valteri

Mini-AACi by Valteri

SähköSANOMA 24 by Tikoteekki

More information: dialoq@code-q.fi