DialoQ AutoClicker and Switch

Windows accessibility software

“Do you find it difficult to use a mouse, keyboard or a touch screen?”

DialoQ Switch helps you to control your Windows device or home appliances without the need of mouse or keyboard. It provides easy and simple way for opening and controlling any Windows application, mouse pointer movement, text input, communication and environmental control – using a wired or wireless switch or voice controlled switch.

Every function can be spoken aloud using standard Windows SAPI5 speech synthesis – so it’s possible to use DialoQ Switch even if user cannot see the device display or cannot read the text description.

DialoQ Switch AutoClicker allows people to use mouse and type in text without clicking the buttons or keys. It’s especially targetted for users that have difficulties to do clicking, scrolling or text typing and supports standard mouses and alternative pointing devices like head mouses (for example Quha Zono) or joysticks (like Pretorian joysticks).

“Control your home appliances”

With DialoQ Switch it’s also possible to use environmental control. For example user is able to control motorized beds, lights, TV and alarms with configured switch or switches. Application is designed to work even with one switch only. Thus the user only needs one operational muscle or voluntary voice-print to use the computer, to communicate, and to control home appliances.

Devices configured using DialoQ Switch can be controlled with almost any other assistive software like Grid3 or Communicator 5.

“Use mouse and keyboard without clicking the buttons”

DialoQ Switch AutoClicker allows hands free control of a Windows device. Users that have difficulties using standard mouse buttons and/or keyboards keys can use AutoClicker to easily do clicking, scrolling (mouse wheel), dragging and typing in text.


  • AutoClicker, new innovative way to do ‘Dwell-clicking’
  • Full mouse control
  • Mouse guidelines and animated cursor
  • Mouse clicking assistance by clickable object scanning
  • Predictive text input with fullscreen keyboard
  • Full keyboard emulation
  • Launching applications
  • Shortcuts and short commands for Windows
  • Environmental control
  • Communication mode
  • Build-in alarm
  • Speech synthesis support (SAPI5)
  • Custmizable user interface
  • Unique voice activated switch

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or 11
  • Wired or wireless physical switch
  • Microphone for voice-switch
  • USB adapter for switch
  • Supported adapter for environmental control

DialoQ AutoClicker is a completely new and innovative way to do ‘Dwell-clicking’ – simply move the mouse pointer to location where ‘clicking’-event is wanted and then select item from pop-up list. Items are freely configurable and some features include ‘repeat’-mode, like scrolling, to enable fast browsing and navigation through the documents.

With new DialoQ AutoClicker 2.0 user is able to have circle or square based selection pop-up. 

DialoQ Switch AutoClicker

DialoQ AutoClicker 2.0

Beside the standard automatic pop-up opening method, now it’s possible to use mousebutton or other method like the Quha Pufo switch to open the selection pop-up.

See video of AutoClicker in use.

“Which version is for me?”

DialoQ Switch can be upgraded later to include more features (like voice switch for example), here’s a list of main features by each version:






Switch support

Voice switch

Text input


Environmental control

“How to try or buy?”

Contact your local reseller for free 30-days evaluation license, you can also contact directly Code-Q if you live in area where we don’t have resellers.


Contact information


Avenue Thomas Edison 31, 1402
Thines (Nivelles)
Téléphone: 32 (0) 67 34 21 05
Mail: info@mobility-concept.be

Haspelstraat 27
9000 Ghent
Email: ate@skilate.com


Insinöörinkatu 30, 33720 TAMPERE
Puh. (03) 211 0333 
Email: info@kajo.fi

Kiisukatu 6, 83500 Outokumpu


Kreuzweg 15, 91781 Weissenburg


Konsumentvägen 8A, 125 30 ÄLVSJÖ

United Kingdom

Unit 25G Springfield Commercial Centre
Bagley Lane, Farsley
Leeds, LS28 5FF
Tel. +44 (0)113 256 4572
Email: info@dh2solutions.co.uk

Compatible Switches:

Compatible Environmental Control:

More information: dialoq@code-q.fi

1. DialoQ Switch basic usage example-video:
2. DialoQ Switch basic setup for wireless switch:
3. DialoQ Switch and Tellstick 433MHz setup:
4. DialoQ Switch example usage with Voice controlled switch:
5. DialoQ Switch AutoClicker:

Code-Q company

Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture technology related to speech recognition, accessibility software, as well as offering consulting services for specialized software.

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Lisää symbolikirjastoja DialoQ Talkissa, SelkoSeks symbolit tukevat tulostusta ja käännökset löytyvät suomen lisäksi englanniksi ja ruotsiksi!Olemme yhteistyössä @codeqoy kanssa! Nyt SelkoSeks selkokuvat löytyvät symbolikirjastosta ja ne ovat myös tulostettavissa sieltä!

DialoQ – apuvälineet on suunniteltu kommunikoinnin ja ympäristönhallinnan avuksi henkilöille, joilla on fyysisiä rajoitteita joko käsien käytössä tai kommunikoinnissa. DialoQ Talk on Suomessa kehitetty kommunikointiohjelmisto, joka tukee Windows- ja Android-käyttöjärjestelmiä. DialoQ Talk sisältää valmiita taulustoja niin symboli kuin tekstipohjaiseen kommunikointiin. DialoQ -apuvälineet sopivat henkilöille, joilla on kommunikoinnin ongelmia tai fyysisiä rajoitteita käsien käytössä. Pelkällä puheella voidaan ohjata esimerkiksi puhelinta, tietokonetta ja kodin laitteita. Pelkästään yksi tahdonalainen lihas riittää ohjaamaan apuvälineohjelmistoa, joka mahdollistaa kommunikoinnin sekä tietokoneen ja kodin laitteiden hallinnan.

Olemme kiitollisia ja innoissamme tästä(kin) yhteistyöstä ❤

#kommunikaatio #kuvakommunikaatio #selkokuva #apuväline
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Lisää symbolikirjastoja DialoQ Talkissa, SelkoSeks symbolit tukevat tulostusta ja käännökset löytyvät suomen lisäksi englanniksi ja ruotsiksi!
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Code-Q Oy

Kirkkokatu 17 A 33
90100 Oulu
Phone. +358 44 971 2098
Email info@code-q.fi
Business ID: 2557168-6

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