DialoQ Mobile Phone Assistant

DialoQ Mobile Phone Assistant

DialoQ Mobile is the only accessibility software available that supports Finnish language speech recognition, provides assistance to smart phone and home appliance use, and supports several different phone models. With DialoQ Mobile smart phone and home appliances can be operated remotely using a wake-up word and speech commands.

DialoQ Mobile is a speaker independent solution, meaning the user is not required to teach the software his or her own speech. If necessary, speech recognition can be adjusted to the user’s specific voice, i.e. for weakened or slurred speech.

People who can benefit the most from using DialoQ Mobile are the ones with physical disabilities, for example, people with limited or no use of their hands. DialoQ is also suitable for people with impaired vision, and for the elderly. Using the application doesn’t require fine motor skills for button pressing, or even seeing the device display, as every option, action and confirmation involved is vocalized synthetically by the application.

The application has a built-in emergency alarm that can be activated with either a switch or with voice when assistance is needed. Built-in alarms in home appliances can also be controlled in a similar fashion.

DialoQ Mobile has an automatic call answering feature for both voice and video calls. This way caring personel or a family members can always reach the user, even if the user is unable to answer the call manually.

If the user finds it difficult to generate speech, all the basic functions of the application are still usable through switch-based controls. All the basic functions are also available in an offline state.

DialoQ Mobile’s speech recognition is powered by the Q-Framework platform developed by Code-Q.

More information: dialoq@code-q.fi

Environmental management systems compatible with DialoQ Mobile:


  • Voice control for making phone calls and sending text messages
  • Voice control for home appliances
  • Making video calls
  • Built in emergency beacon
  • Automatic call receiver for trusted callers
  • Switch-based usability
  • Does not require teaching of voice patterns
  • Can function in an offline state
  • Additional voice controlled features such as alarm clock, location and weather

Code-Q company

Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture technology related to speech recognition, accessibility software, as well as offering consulting services for specialized software.

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