DialoQ is a line of accessibility applications for the people with physical disabilities, such as limited use of hands. The applications are designed to improve ease of access to interact with other people and with household appliances.


The founding purpose of DialoQ is to bring independency, safety, and efficiency to everyday life.

DialoQ Mobile

DialoQ Mobile is a speech controlled accessibility software for Android devices. Users are able to control the phone features and home appliances without touching or seeing the device as all functions are verified by voice prompts, making it ideal also for the visually impaired.

DialoQ Desktop

Software that enables a fully speech controlled Windows PC. Intuitive features such as speech controlled mouse, shortcuts and dictation were designed to create an effortless user experience.

DialoQ Switch

DialoQ Switch provides easy and simple way for opening and controlling any Windows application, mouse pointer movement, text input, communication and environmental control. With unique ‘Dwell-clicker’ – feature users are able to do mouse clicking, scrolling and type in text without pressing any buttons or keys.

How DialoQ utilities can help you in your daily life?

Speech controlled applications are suitable for people who find communication and user interfaces difficult due to physical disabilities, such as limited or no use of their hands. It is possible to control smart phones, computers, and home appliances with speech only. Alternatively, users can complete the same tasks with only a single operational muscle using the switch-based software. With DialoQ accessibility software solutions users can successfully perform everyday activities at home or at work.

Smart phone

The phone verifies all actions by voice prompts, requiring no touching or seeing the screen. Speech commands allows users to make calls (including video calls), send text messages, and use additional features like control home appliances. The phone is able to understand even a slightly weakened voice or slurred speech. Also suitable for the elderly and the visually impaired.


Use only voice to control the Windows operating system. Fast and fluid user experience thanks to innovative mouse control, shortcut commands and dictation, which works in real-time. The software doesn’t require any training prior to use, and works even when speech is slightly slurred.


We have implemented an built-in emergency alarm that can be activated with either a switch or with voice when assistance is needed. Alarms in home appliances can also be controlled in a similar fashion.

The mobile application has an automatic call answer feature for both voice and video calls. Additionally, switch-based control can be used to enable calls in situations where speech is restricted.

Environmental control

Assistive software support for home appliances help users to overcome every day challenges independently without assistance.

Controlling home appliances, such as a motorized bed, lights, doors, and home entertainment systems, is possible by using speech commands or switch-based controls.

Compared to other assistive tehcnology control methods, such as eye tracking, speech commands are far superior in terms of speed and intuitiveness.

Comments from our clients

“DialoQ makes my life considerably easier. I can use the phone independently and without assistance. Making calls and answering is very easy thanks to voice control. I can dictate and send text messages. For a person with a limited eyesight, like me, the speech controlled watch is a very useful feature.”

Harri from Oulu

“Using the phone became so easy. I don’t necessarily have to pick up the phone for calls, text messages or asking the time. If i realize I’ve gotten lost, I just ask the phone for my location, and it tells me. Everything is alright again. For something designed by engineers it sure is simple, so simple that even a visually impaired person can use it.”

Rauno from Turku

“Voice controls gave me back the ability to use my phone. I especially love the app’s voice dictation feature for sending text messages. I find it unbelievable that i can ask my phone what time it is and it answers me. It’s nice and handy that I can inquire about the weather in my local area or somewhere else, and the phone politely answers me.”

Kari from Tampere

Code-Q company

Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture technology related to speech recognition, accessibility software, as well as offering consulting services for specialized software.

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