DialoQ Desktop - Computer Assistant

DialoQ Desktop – Computer Assistant

DialoQ Desktop is a accessibility software that enables fully speech controlled Windows PC. It eliminates the need of mouse and keyboard use and instead works through speech commands.

DialoQ Desktop enables mouse pointer movements, mouse button functions, shortcuts for Windows and other applications, as well as text input via either a voice controlled keyboard or dictation based services.

Speech recognition is speaker independent, meaning the user is not required to teach speech to the application prior to use. Over time the application will automatically adapt to understand the user’s speech more accurately.

Example uses for speech control include browsing the internet and social media, as well as working with office-tools and reading ebooks. The application has been designed with ease of use in mind. All the basic functions are also available in an offline state.

DialoQ Desktop’s speech recognition is powered by the Q-Framework platform developed by Code-Q.


  • Pointer movement and mouse buttons
  • Commands for copying, cutting, and pasting
  • Browsing documents, scrolling, and navigation within a document
  • Text input via an on-screen keyboard, or with a voice controlled pointer
  • Text input via free dictation. A separate server-based solution that enables real time recognition
  • Voice controlled application management, switching between active applications, closing applications
  • Window management: moving, enlarging, minimizing
  • Custom shortcut commands, for example browser and email shortcuts

Minimum system requirements

  • PC or tablet with a Windows operating system
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • 4 Gb of RAM
  • 100 Mb of free space on hard drive
  • External USB microphone or headset

Code-Q company

Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture technology related to speech recognition, accessibility software, as well as offering consulting services for specialized software.

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